OSU Tidal Prediction Software


OTPS is software package, written in Fortran-90. It contains source files you have to compile. README file, explaining how to get OTPS working, is included with the package. After downloading OTPS.tar.Z gunzip and tar xvf it, then consult README for details.

OTPS allows:

- extract harmonic constants from TPXO global/atlas/regional/local barotropic tidal models at given locations;

- predict tide at given times and locations;

- extract a local multi-constituent model from set of global TPXO-atlas single-constituent model files for any rectangular local area.

OTPS update Oct 29, 2021:

  • Capability to work with new set of minor constituents added.

OTPS update April 9, 2020:

  • new ocean loading and self-attraction file obtained from TPXO9v2a included;

  • sequential access is replaced with direct access to OTPS binary files; this significantly reduces required RAM and makes OTPS executables essentially faster;

  • matlab script tpxo_atlas2local added to OTPS/matlab. The script can be used as plug-in to TMD matlab toolbox to make a multi-constituent outcut from the single constituent TPXO-atlas binary files.

OTPSnc is a version of OTPS, allowing to predict tide and extract harmonic constants from our global/atlas/regional/local models in netcdf format, including multiple TPXO9-atlas-netcdf files.

Download OTPS

Download OTPSnc

MATLAB toolbox TMD, created in cooperation with Laurie Padman, is available for download at ESR web site. TMD works with multi-constituent OTPS binary format and is functionally the same as OTPS. TMD does not allow for multiple TPXO9-atlas files. However the script tpxo_atlas2local.m can be used as TMD plug_in. The script makes a multi-constituent outcut from the single constituent TPXO-atlas binary files. This multi-constituent outcut can be then used with TMD.

Download tpxo_atlas2local.m for Linux/macOS

Download tpxo_atlas2local.m for Windows

You can try how OTPS works by using our TPXO Web Service. Tide predictions obtained with OTPS from TPXO9-atlas for your location(s) will be mailed to you.