OSU Tidal Prediction Software


OTPS(nc) is software package, written in Fortran-90. It contains source files you have to compile. README file, explaining how to get OTPS(nc) working, is included in the package.

OTPS - works with TPXO global/regional/local models in OTIS binary format.

OTPSnc - works with TPXO global/regional/local models in netcdf format.

OTPS/OTPSnc allows:

- extract harmonic constants from TPXO global/regional/local barotropic tidal models at given locations;

- predict tide at given times and locations;

- extract local multi-constituent model from set of global TPXO-atlas single-constituent model files (OTPS only) for any rectangular local area.

Download OTPS

Download OTPSnc

MATLAB toolbox TMD, created in cooperation with Laurie Padman, functionally the same as OTPS is available for download at ESR web site.

You can try how OTPS works by using our TPXO Web Service. Tide predictions obtained with OTPS from TPXO9-atlas for your location(s) will be mailed to you.