TPXO Registration & Commercial Use


TPXO and TPXO-atlas models are available for academic research and other non-commercial uses and require registration. To register and get access to download TPXO model files, please send to Dr. Erofeeva and/or  Prof. Egbert request including:

Note: our netcdf format is different from TMD3 consolidated netcdf format. We do not distribute TPXO in the TMD3 consolidated netcdf format. You can convert TPXO9-atlas-bin to TMD3 consolidated netcdf format with the script provided with TMD3.

To refer to our models/software in your publications please use the citation:

Egbert, Gary D., and Svetlana Y. Erofeeva. "Efficient inverse modeling of barotropic ocean tides." Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 19.2 (2002): 183-204.


OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY holds TPXO/OTPS COPYRIGHT.  TPXO models can be licensed for commercial use by directly contacting Dr. Erofeeva and/or Prof. Egbert.  The commercial licensing is done through ModEM-geophysics, an exclusive TPXO/OTPS license holder/distributor. No other companies besides ModEM-geophysics may distribute TPXO/OTPS. Commercial customers are eligible for free upgrades within one year. Please contact Dr. Erofeeva or  Prof. Egbert  on further details.