TPXO8-atlas-v1 patching mask: patches of local HR solutions are shown with different colors.

TPXO8-atlas was first from new generation of atlas solutions. Like older ATLAS solutions new generation solutions combine a basic global solution (i.e. TPXO8, obtained at 1/6 resolution) and high resolution (HR) local solutions. These HR solutions are of various resolution better than 1/6 degree, they were obtained over many years, thus we call them historical. Many of historical TPXO8-atlas single patches are available here. Unlike all preceding ATLAS solutions, TPXO8-atlas kept higher resolution of most HR solutions rather then averaging them on coarser grid. This provided dramatic improvement in tidal predictions for coastal areas compared to TPXO8-atlas predecessors.

We serve TPXO8-atlas in 3 formats:

  1. our traditional binary format (OTPS format);

  2. netcdf format;

  3. TPXO8-atlas-compact (obsolete)

Since HR files are large, we provide one tidal constituent per file for first 2 formats. Atlas-compact binary format contains all constituents, but at various resolution (i.e. 1/30 resolution where the patches are, and 1/6 resolution for the rest of the Ocean).

MATLAB toolbox TMD, does not allow for multiple TPXO8-atlas files. However a script tpxo_atlas2local.m can be used as TMD plug_in. The script makes a multi-constituent outcut from the single constituent TPXO8-atlas binary files. This multi-constituent outcut can be then used with TMD.

Download tpxo_atlas2local.m for Linux/macOS

Download tpxo_atlas2local.m for Windows

Atlas-compact is readable by special version of OTPS - OTPS2.


TPXO8-atlas global tide model is available for academic research, and other non-commercial uses, but require registration.



To refer to our models/software in your publications please use the citation:

Egbert, Gary D., and Svetlana Y. Erofeeva. "Efficient inverse modeling of barotropic ocean tides." Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 19.2 (2002): 183-204.